Olympic Hiatus

Olympic Stadium Lit Up #iphone #instagram #london2012 #olympics
Olympic Stadium lit up with the ArcelorMittal Orbit next to it

Well, it was only a matter of time before my photography would be put on the back burner yet again.

This time with a very good cause – London 2012.

I know by the time I write this post, the Olympics will be long forgotten and our lives more or less back to normal, but for me as a volunteer at the games, this will be one memory that I won’t forget in a long time.

I was privileged amongst thousands of people who applied to be accepted as a Volunteer Cast for the London 2012 Olympic games. I, with many others had two roles – to be a drummer and to marshal. The drumming only happened during the Opening Ceremony (OC) and to be a marshal happened at both OC & CC (Closing Ceremony).

I, with the wonderful cast I had the privilege of performing with during the games ceremonies, can safely and proudly say, “I am and always will be a Pandemonium Drummer and athletes marshal at the London 2012 Olympic games.”

I think this article in the local (where I live) paper sums up my our experience as volunteers at the Olympics.

Local newspaper article on my experience at the London 2012 Olympics ceremonies.

After the wonderful experience, my body, long suffering family and photography mojo decided that I should end my Olympic journey and not continue on to do the Paralympics.

Now that you all know where I have been for the last few months……..

……let us get this show back on the road.

ION – Applied to Uni and I got accepted. So God willing, you will see more updates and content up in here.

Grand Opening of Westfield Stratford City

September 13th, 2011 saw the opening of Europe’s largest urban shopping centre in the heart of East London – Westfield Stratford City. This retail project will be part and parcel of the Olympic Park when the games come to London in 2012. The 1.9 million square feet of retail and leisure development paves way for one of the poorest boroughs in London to be regenerated and become one of the places to be in London.

The center was official opened by Mayor of London, Mr Boris Johnson and the Westfield Group Chairman, Mr Frank Lowy AC.

Nicole Scherzinger was also the star attraction to entertain the opening day guests. Other events had celebrities like Kelly Brook, Colin Jackson, Professor Green, etc. all over the shopping center at various outlets either officially opening them or performing to a handful of luck guests in the outlet.

For more information about Westfield Stratford City, please visit the website http://uk.westfield.com/stratfordcity/

Here are a few shots I captured on the day……

Colin Jackson Opening Lloyds Bank

110 metre hurdles Olympic Medallist and World Champion Colin Jackson CBE and Group Director of Lloyds TSB & Bank of Scotland Community Bank, Alison Brittain officially opening Lloyds Bank (sponsor of the London 2012 Olympics)

London 2012 Billboard

Oscar Pistorious on an ad for the London 2012 Paralympics

Russell & Bromley

Russell & Bromley Store Front

Cloakroom Co.

Cloakroom Co. Shopping Delivery


Westfield Stratford City Architecture

Apple Store (Genius Bar)

Apple Store Genius Bar

Hollister Eye Candy

Hollister Store (Eye Candy)

Aerial Performers

Aerial Performers

Professor Green

Professor Green performing in All Star Lanes

Tasty Tarts

For those with a sweet tooth…


M&S Reflection

Olympic Stadium

Olympic Stadium in Background

You can find more pictures here

The official commercial for Westfield Stratford City.

Grand Opening of Westfield Stratford City (Sneek Peek)

WSC2011 Silhouette

Westfield Stratford City – 13 Sept. 2011

There was no way I was missing the opening of the newest kid in the block.

More pictures to follow….