Snapping London: Construction Red Light

Construction Red Light, 2022 – Part of the ‘When We Forget to Look Up’ ongoing series. Walking back home to catch my train after seeing the Roy DeCarava exhibition in London. The storm clouds were still looming and when I saw this red light against the construction boarding when I looked up to the sky,Continue reading “Snapping London: Construction Red Light”

Will I ever photograph at a major tournament?

A small disclaimer – I should start off by adding to the question the word AGAIN because I have photographed a major tournament before. I have been reflecting on this question a lot lately. Just the other day on the Black Women Photographers Slack channel, I shared my desire to be at the Rugby WorldContinue reading “Will I ever photograph at a major tournament?”

3 Financial Challenges for 2022

I guess you are wondering, what has this got to do with photography? Well, having finances has everything to do with photography. How else are you going to buy/upgrade/invest in your photography without any money? And this is why I am sharing these three challenges that you can set for yourself this new year. #FinancialGoals2022Continue reading “3 Financial Challenges for 2022”

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