Personal: School Pegs

Khai’s Peg (2019) Makena’s Peg (2019) I took these photos when I was in my kid’s school for their first open day. It is actually open evening as it happens after school where I get to meet their teachers and see how they are doing at the beginning of their current school year. These areContinue reading “Personal: School Pegs”

Snapping London: Four Ducks in a Row

Four Ducks in a Row, 2019 I shot this image in Regents Park, London. I was running late for a meeting as I got lost looking for the meeting venue. I said, “What the heck, I am late anyway and I have my camera.” so I snapped away. This is one of the photographs IContinue reading “Snapping London: Four Ducks in a Row”

Life Update: 3 Reasons Why I Haven’t Uploaded in Awhile

Life happens/happened or should I say I was busy adulting. Anyway, here is to being more intentional with my YouTube channel and then some 😬😂🙈 Although I have uploaded two more videos since this one, I just wanted you to know that I am here, mistakes and all and I am doing it. So pleaseContinue reading “Life Update: 3 Reasons Why I Haven’t Uploaded in Awhile”

One of My Favourite Quotes

Honestly, I didn’t know what I should blog about this week. So, I will keep it simple and share with you one of my favourite quotes by The Minimalists. Love people and use things, because the opposite never works. What is your favourite quote?

Event: Start Up Step Up London Launch

      Earlier this week, I was invited to attend an early morning event to launch a new business program at City Hall called Start Up Step Up London. It is a program that is part of the London Growth Hub and is supported by the Mayor of London, hence it being launched at CityContinue reading “Event: Start Up Step Up London Launch”

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