Recap: 30 Day Photo Challenge – April 2021 and …

… A Special Announcement! 📣

April 2021 was an amazing month as I got to share with you ‘Photo Stories’ from 30+ BIPOC Women Photographers from around the world. Each lady shared either a photo or a series through a series of conversations we had about their images and work.

This blog post is a brief recap of those stories which you can watch either chronologically or by picking any random day.

Happy viewing!

Start here – The Intro

Which has been your favourite “Photo Story” to watch?



Moving forward, I have decided to change the name of the 30 Day Photo Challenge to the EK13 / 30 Day Photo Project

Move slider to reveal the New Version

So from June 2021, the name and hashtag get somewhat personalised. What do you think?

If you would like to take part, follow me on Twitter where I post updates on any of the collaboration projects that I do in the future.

If you have reached here, thank you for reading my blog post.

Drinking loads of tea/coffee makes it happen and your support is always welcome.

Setting Up My Old APS Camera – Canon IXUS M-1

I cannot remember my first ever camera, but I do remember I bought it back in 2000/01 from a supermarket as I purchased my groceries. All I knew is that I wanted to document my life away from Kenya.

Later on, when I had enough money, I decided to get the Canon IXUS M-1 and it was my first Canon brand film camera. It is an Advanced Professional System aka APS camera and quite popular at the time of purchase as the film was quite different and I just had to have one. I am actually quite surprised at myself for keeping the camera for this long and in good condition too. Here is a video of me setting the camera up for the first time in 10+ years. ✌🏾


How to Make a Dummy Photobook & Happy Holidays

In the spirit of the season, I thought I share with you this video of me making a dummy photobook back in 2019 for my MA.

I hope wherever you are, even if you do not celebrate Christmas, that you are happy.