Never Forget NEVER AGAIN

A slogan used to promote the photography exhibition at the GoDown Arts Centre in Nairobi.

This exhibition highlights some SHOCKING, yet brilliant photography taken during the Post-Election violence that plagued Kenya as a whole.

Photo source: Kenya Post-Election Violence Flickr Group

Whilst I was in Nairobi during an album launch (more on this later) which happened at the venue, I got a chance to go round the exhibition hall and I have to say, you have to have a strong stomach for this showcase.

Some of the pictures are too explicit (in a violent way). Depicting what went down during Kenya’s worst time in modern day Africa.

I got a chance to speak to one of the photographers, Boniface Mwangi, with his passion for photography, risked his life and together with other photographers they documented Kenya’s violent history through the lens.

The story told in the pictures were carefully compiled into a book aptly named ‘KENYA BURNING’. Which in my opinion, is a must have esp. for Kenyans in Kenya and the diaspora. A gentle reminder of what could happen if we don’t make the right and smart choices when electing the right people to lead Kenya. The book retails at Kshs1,500.

In my opinion, if people’s views and opinions do not change to a positive outlook by 2012 elections……Kenya will definitely be in the world public eye AGAIN for the same wrong reasons and worse!

As a Kenyan, this is something that has to be highlighted.

For more information about the book and the exhibition, please follow the links above or contact Boniface Mwangi through the following avenues:

Boniface Mwangi – Facebook

Boniface Mwangi – Twitter

Boniface Mwangi – Website

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