Snapping London: Balconies

Back in 2009, I took part in the London edition of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk.

I was part of the group that took photos around the Southbank area of Central London. Immediately right after the photowalk, I had to return to the motherland (Kenya) and didn’t get a chance to sort out the photos that I took.

After a few ups and downs and clearing space on my computer, I finally go do to sorting out through the pictures I took on the Photowalk. I must say, I need to do more of these, because looking back, I realised how much fun I had taking pictures with a group of strangers. You get to meet new people, learn from each other and most of all, take good pictures.

As a result, I will be sharing some of these photographs and others I take randomly in the streets of London as part of my ‘Snapping London’ series. Feel free to #hashtag it.


Here goes the first of this series:

Scott Kelby 2009 Worldwide PhotoWalk - SouthBank London Group

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