London Commute

London Commute, 2020

I do not like commuting in London during rush hour or when there is a problem.

I took this photo at around 9.30am on Tuesday and this was the situation at London Liverpool Street as I was heading to university. Normally, I would be standing right at the yellow line, you know the one near the edge of the platform that they keep announcing that you should stand behind of? That one.

Not on this day. I reached the platform to find it full of passengers and I was already running late for class. There were more on the stairs to the right of the photo.

On this day, I don’t know what the problem was as it was not announced or maybe it was and I wasn’t paying attention.

All I can say is, I got to class 20mins late.


Snapping London: Mushroom Bear

Mushroom Bear, 2019

Another one where I was running late for a meeting, but just had to stop and take this photo. The first one is here.

Technically, I was on time, but I ended up at a different campus to the one I was supposed to be at. So on my way to the correct address, I saw this on the boarding for a building under construction and it did make me chuckle. My bad/disappointed mood about finding myself where I wasn’t meant to be, lifted.

Is this becoming one of those, ‘late photograph’ moments but with a different meaning?


Snapping London: Four Ducks in a Row

Four Ducks in a Row, 2019

I shot this image in Regents Park, London. I was running late for a meeting as I got lost looking for the meeting venue. I said, “What the heck, I am late anyway and I have my camera.” so I snapped away. This is one of the photographs I took as I walked around the park looking for the place.

It so happened that the meeting was running late anyway that by the time I found the venue, it had not started. So it was all good.

And no, I am not telling you to be late for meetings. Moral of the story here is just to make good of a bad situation. That is all!