Looking for Project Participants


Photographer’s Project Block!!!

Is there such a thing? Where you get stumped on what to photograph?

Well…I am going through such a period with one of my projects, but I have am so determined to finish what I started.

Perhaps, just roll with whatever ideas I have until I finish my project.

At the moment, I am after 10 males and 10 females ( I don’t know why) to sit model for me, as the number just seems fitting for this project. Maybe or not, I may have edit it down to the best images.

So far I have at least four people who are willing to be photographed with the end result(s) to be exhibited and/or published into a zine. I suppose that is a start and should be glad.

So, if you are reading this, are in London and want to help me out by taking part, email me for more details here:


There is a FREE print in it for you.

Well….wish me luck and keep it hear for future results of said project once completed.

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