30 Photos in 30 Days – June 2020

This week, I am putting together a post to showcase my monthly challenges. I shared the April Edition of the challenge last week. In case you missed it, it can be viewed here.

The June Edition of the 30 Day Photo Challenge is the second time I have done the challenge. This time, I shared a roll of black and white film that was shot in 2018. Even though this roll was a 36 exposure roll of film, I only managed to get 30 frames as the rest got damaged when I was processing it.

Anyway, here are the images from June.

Which of these photographs show here are your favourites? Leave a comment below.

I am hoping that this becomes something that I do frequently as I really enjoy sharing my work here.


The next challenge is coming in November 2020 and I will be collaborating with 30 photographers to make this happen. Please subscribe to this blog so that you are notified via email when this happens.

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