12 Best Photos from My Camera Roll – 2021

My iPhone is the camera I have with me most of the time. So whenever I am in the moment, I photograph whatever is around me. Most of it is so mundane, but I love photographing those moments.

Here are my 12 best ones from my phone’s camera roll – straight out of the camera. No edits.

January – one cloudy afternoon as I sat at my dining table, I just felt the urge to photograph my window. The plants in the plastic container were a gift but it took me months before I re-potted them as they were growing so fast.

February – handprint by one of my kids on the window. In the background is a floodlight. Took me several attempts to get the photo how I wanted it as I wanted the handprint to be more in focus rather than the floodlight.

March – this was the last day of homeschooling before the kids went back to school for their summer term. My daughter was in class as the teacher explained the tasks for the day.

April – As much as I need to declutter my home, I just love this view from my bed as light from the hallway slightly illuminates a blacked-out bedroom.

May – Spring sunshine light streaks on the wall of my office. I took loads of photos of light shapes around the home, but this one is a favourite.

June – the summer sunshine from our skylight. I just love how warm and glowy my skin looks in this self-portrait.

July – I love snacking while I work and this is one of my favourite combinations that I recently discovered – apple with chilli. I normally have mango with chilli, but this combi is lip-smacking delicious. 😋 You should try it, but make sure the chilli powder has salt in it.

August – Light dots from the Yayoi Kusama exhibition Infinity Mirror Rooms’ I visited with my kids over the summer holidays. Tickets to see this exhibition were really hard to get, but I am glad that I got a chance to see it.

September – Day out in London with my babies. Here we were heading back home after visiting one of my friends after months of not seeing each other.

October – a mural of Marvin Gaye as I came from seeing this exhibition at Photofusion

November – A view of the sun and dramatic clouds from my bed on those rare sunny autumn days in the U.K.

December – Staying hydrated even during the winter months is something I make sure I do. This tumbler has been one of the best purchases for me this year. Keeps my drinks cooler or warmer longer than usual and I love it.

Bonus photo: July – Summers in the U.K. are not summer if it doesn’t rain. Using the same floodlight from the handprint photo (see February above) to frame and again, I wanted the raindrops on the window to be the focus.

Which of the 12 (+bonus) photos is your favourite? Leave a comment below letting me know which one and why.


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