Personal: BA 2119 | Flight of the Future Exhibition

Disclaimer: This post BA 2119: The Flight of the Future Exhibition first appeared on Bankelele as I was asked to write a guest post in return for visiting the exhibition. I was fortunate enough to be invited/gifted a ticket to an interactive exhibition by British Airways in collaboration with students from the Royal College of Art (RCA)Continue reading “Personal: BA 2119 | Flight of the Future Exhibition”

Personal: Selfie

I Woke Up Like This Selfie (2019) I am one of those photographers that does not like being in front of the camera but having said that I might as well get used to it seeing as I already have a YouTube channel. Yes, you read that right, I do have a channel, but IContinue reading “Personal: Selfie”

Personal: 10 Years Married

On this day… (2013) – from my ‘Path to Khai’ project. Earlier this week, on Monday, to be exact, I posted this RAW image (just realised I shared an unedited image – oops 😁🙈) of my marriage license, my ring and that of my husband on Instagram with the following caption: Ten years ago today,Continue reading “Personal: 10 Years Married”

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