First Takeover of the Year

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And most likely the only one of the year!

Hey Happy People,

I missed you all last week. I didn’t put up a post as I….well, forgot. Whoops! 🤭 🤦🏾‍♀️

I was also busy wrapping up an Instagram Takeover I did at the Women Photograph London Chapter account as I am a member of Women Photograph.

Takeovers are hard work, but fun if you prepare for them. I was asked to do this takeover around June, but I refused for several reasons. The main ones were I wanted to do it on my own terms and also, I was a mess mentally due to academic, pandemic and systemic pressures. So it didn’t feel right for me to do it at the time. I asked if I would do it in September once I finished my studies and that’s what happened.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to share seeing as I haven’t really done much work for the last year or so. Then, I decided it would be a good chance to share the projects I worked on during my MA.

Project 1 – “See, To Be Seen”

Project 2 – “Marinated Hymns”

Project 3 – “Not Good Enough”

Project 4 – “Comfortable in Our Skin”

I noticed that a-lot of people who study photography do not go out of their way to say that the projects that they are sharing are the ones that they worked on when in university. I found that to be a bit odd, but at the same time I get it. By saying that you worked on something while in campus, people might not take you seriously in your practice as a photographer, but isn’t that why you went to school for? To be able to produce work that you are mostly proud of, so why not share it? And this is why I decided to share my work and state the fact these were the projects I worked on in university, in my caption.

Hey Happy People,

Elsie @ek13_photos here taking over the @womenphotographlondon account this week.

I am a Kenyan born photographer based in London, UK. and I will be sharing with you projects that I worked on as I studied for my MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at the University of Westminster.

Anyway, the takeover ran for 5 days and I was posting only twice a day. You can head over to the Women Photograph London Instagram page to check out the work. I will also be uploading the projects on my website in due course with the exception of “Marinated Hymns” which is already up.

Are you on Instagram? Have you ever done a takeover?


Personal: Happy Holidays Selfie

Happy Holidays Selfie, 2017

In the spirit of the season, I thought I share with you this self portrait of me reflected on a Christmas bauble.

I hope wherever you are, even if you do not celebrate Christmas, that you are happy.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Personal: The One That Got Away

As some of you may know, I am currently studying for my Masters in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism. Last year for one of my modules, Writing Photography, we did writing exercises and I am going to share with you one of them.

A Photograph That Only Exists in My Memory – The One That Got Away

It is 2009 and I am meeting a friend in the centre of Nairobi. I haven’t been in the country for almost a decade. As I stood outside City Hall, I remembered the number of street photographers that were always around to take a picture of you right outside Kenyatta International Conference Center. Always fighting for you to pick any one of them to take your picture outside this iconic building. One of the few around the city that allow photography from locals and tourists alike. Also, if you liked his style, you would be back for more photographs around the city in places like Uhuru Park.

Digital photography it seems came and changed all of that, coupled with the harassment from council officials. The city has certainly moved on since I have been away. The street photographers are no longer there and if they were, they certainly were not visible.

It got me thinking, what is stopping me from taking a picture of my friend outside KICC? After all, as shady as it seems, such photographs have a sense of history and nostalgia in them. So I kept waiting for him to show up and as soon as he did, we immediately headed in the opposite direction looking for a place to eat and catch up.

Days later, I was on a plane back to England.


Personal: Do You Want Ketchup

Do You Want Ketchup, 2019

My series of photographing the mundane, yet everyday objects, continues. This is slowly starting to become a thing.

With every photograph that I take, there is a story behind it.

On this day, my kids and I went to the park as we had just bought a new bike for my son. We had not had lunch and it was getting pretty late, so we decided to go to the cafe in the park for something to eat. As we waited for our order, my children were outside playing.

Moments after I took this photo, I heard my daughter crying. She had fallen off her scooter. After I made sure she was ok, I told her to dust herself off and get back on it, but then the food was ready and we settled down to eat.

They had ordered their usual chips and nuggets.



Personal: We Are Gathered Here

We Are Gathered Here, 2019

I love photographing the mundane.

I think it is because life nowadays seems to become too busy and distracting that we tend to miss things that make a chuckle a little bit. Things that make us pause and wonder. Things that just let us be in the moment of thoughtfulness and peace. Things that just let us be, us.