Week Two – Technical: SOOC

Week two is all about SOOC aka Straight Out of the Camera.

Straight out of the camera. No Photoshop. Shooting a compelling image and post it without edits. No cheating! (Be sure and save the image file for the end of the challenge!) – (Dogwood Photography)

Well, this week I have been so busy that I almost didn’t do the challenge. And as I mentioned in my first post about the 52 Week Challenge, the dilemma of trying to figure out if I am going to do the challenge every week is the actual challenge for me.

Damn….how many times did I mention the word challenge?
I digress.

Anyway, just as I was about to give up, I look out the window and it was snowing. More like a powdering of snow and I came up with this…

Week Two  - SOOC

“A Little Powdering in the Dark”
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What are you currently struggling with this week?

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Week One – Story: Rule of Thirds

Week one is all about Rule of Thirds.

The rule of thirds is the first compositional rule most photographers learn, but most don’t know why they learn it. The rule of thirds is amazing for telling a story. Tell a story using rule of thirds. (Dogwood Photography)

Well…here goes, my first attempt at the 52 Week Challenge I talked about in my previous post.

Week One - Rule of Thirds
“When Will I Get to Sleep”
#Dogwood52 #Dogwood2017 #DogwoodWeek1

Have you started the challenge? If you have, why not share with me your images by putting a link to where you have posted it in the comment section below.

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