Street Dance 2 3D World Premiere

Event: Street Dance 2 3D film premiere
Venue: The O2 Arena
Date: 19th March 2012

Directors, Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini
Directors, Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini arriving for the premiere

Falk Hentschel
Lead actor, Falk Hentschel, who plays Ash in the film

Actress Sofia Boutella
Lead actress, Sofia Boutella, who plays Eva in the film

George Sampson
George Sampson, 2008 winner of Britain’s Got Talent, plays Eddie in the film

Akai Osei-Mansfield, popularly known as Akai
Akai, first winner of Sky1’s Got to Dance in 2010, plays Junior in the film

Singer-songwriter, Dionne Bromfield
Singer-songwritter, Dionne Bromfield

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