Reviving my Photoblog!

Truth be told, I have well and truly neglected this blog.

I should come back and just blog about everything and anything I have done in my photographic world. (Err…isn’t this post just that?)

The last time I did that was January 2014.

GOSH! Has it been that long? (Don’t answer that!)

Well, I can say since that, I have been busy being a wife, mother of two, student and photographer. Not necessary in that order, but they always seem to intertwine.

For the past year or so, I have had my head buried in books, press events, motherhood, wifedom and just sheer boredom for the most part.

And to be honest, my mojo for blogging kept fading with exhaustion from the above and more.

But now, I want to start blogging again, as I have so many experiences and encounters as a photographer that I would like to share. Mostly boring stuff, but you never know, I may just surprise myself and write something sensible and get good advise from my readers out there.

Bottomline, I just want  look back and see how much I have ‘grown’.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this:

Blog you soon people!


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