Photography Theory

If there is one thing I hated in primary and high school, it was the writing of compositions and inshas (essays in swahili).

Now that I had this bright idea of going to University to study photography in all its glory, the assignment that I am dreading the most is the essays we have to write. Already I have two 1500 – 2000 word essays due in around 5 weeks. So help me God that I meet the deadline or I am toast.

The only positive I can take from all this is the fact we have been advised to use “The Basics of Essay Writing” by Nigel Warburton, to guide us on how to write essays with ease. As tiny as this book is, it has a lot of information with regards on how to structure your essay and reference your work with any research material you may include in your writing.

I would recommend this book to all academics especially from high school onwards. I wonder if I had such kind of information, if my compositions and inshas in high school would have faired any better. I guess we will never know.

Photography theory is intense. Now I know why all those text rich photography books are always heavy and it has nothing to do with them being hard backs.

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