EK13 / 30 Day Photo Project – September 2021 Edition

Working in white makes people look into it. White is ethereal. There’s a purity to it, it makes things look elevated in a way. There’s a whole palette of white.

Jonathan Milne

We are back with another 30 Day Photo Project and I think this one will be the most stimulating one yet.

Back when I was studying for my first degree in Photography, I did a project called Ngara ’97 where I photographed a “white” shirt on a white background using colour film. I then had to expose the images in the colour darkroom on photographic paper and this was one of the most challenging projects that I ever worked on.

You can see a snippet of it as it was installed in one of the faculty meeting rooms at the University of Westminster here.

So, for this year’s September Edition, I decided to somewhat attempt this “white on white” scenario again and I happened to come across something really exciting in The Photographer’s Playbook.

From page 76, I will aim to get into grips with Denis Defibaugh’s assignment topic Beautiful from Nothing.

"Make thirty-six unique, beautiful photographs of one piece of white bond paper. Your goal is to make something beautiful from nothing.

Consider the following:
- Equivalents
- Abstraction
- Expressionism
- Line, Space, Shape, Form
- Chiaroscuro

You may not cut or tear the paper, but you can fold it, roll it, or crumple it. Shoot on a white background in a studio with spotlights and soft light. Use colour filters on the spotlights, if you desire. There should be nothing else in the photographs but one piece of bond paper. Explore lighting and change the lighting for each photograph.

(This assignment is a variation of the Paper Assignment by Charles Arnold.)

The Rules

  1. Make THIRTY instead of thirty-six unique, beautiful photographs.
  2. Share the photographs everyday for 30 days. No captions.
  3. Share a behind the scenes video on my YouTube channel.

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