EK13 / 30 Day Photo Project – June 2021 Edition

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.

Ansel Adams

Another 30 day month is here and as explained in this post, the name has now changed.

For this month’s edition, I have decided to look at The Photographer’s Playbook for inspiration.

From page 73, I will aim to tackle John Cyr’s assignment topic Limitations, Routine and Repetition but with a few tweaks.

"Limit yourself to one subject; it may be narrow or broad. The content of this work isn't the main focus of the assignment and shouldn't be laboured over for too long.

Determine a time in the day that you are routinely available to take a photograph of your chosen subject.

Repeat the process of photographing your subject at the decided time for an arbitrary, but pre planned, sequence of days.

The typological results will highlight the similarities and differences inherent within all subjects over the course of time.

The purpose and motivation of this exercise is for students to revisit the first steps of project creation and production while stressing the importance of diligence and consistency in their photographic practice. Although it may take repeated experimentation, it is common that this exercise will stimulate creativity for students and serve as a starting point in the development of the cohesive and unique project."

The Rules

  1. My LIMITATION – one subject object as the main focus.
  2. My ROUTINE – one photo for 30 days. No captions.
  3. My REPETITION – photographs will be in black and white.

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