Curated List of Photography Podcasts Hosted by Women

Disclaimer: Some of the podcasts mentioned may have stopped producing new episodes, but I have decided to include them in the list just incase you haven’t come across them. I believe that by listening to any of their episodes, you may find something that resonates or adds value to your own practice as a photographer.

Also, a few listed will have male co-hosts.

As a passionate podcast enthusiast (and creator), I find myself constantly seeking new and exciting content to accompany me during everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, or commuting to work. There’s something truly magical about plugging in my earphones and immersing myself in captivating conversations, stories, and insights while going about my daily routine. If you share this sentiment and have a keen interest in the world of photography, then you’re in for a treat!

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing a curated list of photography podcasts, all hosted by talented and inspiring women. Whether you’re a budding photographer seeking inspiration, an enthusiast eager to learn from the best, or simply a podcast lover in search of compelling content, these shows will undoubtedly become your perfect companions during those mundane yet essential tasks. So, let’s dive into the world of visual storytelling, creative processes, and the remarkable contributions of women in photography through the lens of these exceptional podcast hosts and their guests!

Photo Mama Podcast

Conversations on all things motherhood, photography and life hosted by Iko-Ọjọ Mercy Haruna and Elsie Kibue-Ngare.

In Focus Women Landscape Photography Podcast

A podcast for the celebration and community of female landscape photographers from around the world hosted by Steph Vella and Sarina Jackson.

The Photographer’s Podcast

If you are looking for a supportive space to learn, grow and evolve as a photographer this podcast hosted by Nicole Hill is for you.

The Messy Truth

Photo Director Gem Fletcher hosts The Messy Truth, a podcast dedicated to the world of contemporary photography featuring exclusive interviews with emerging and leading artists, curators and critics.

Grow Your Photography Business Podcast

Listen and learn as Sally and her guests help you build your brand, discover new marketing ideas, refine your systems and workflows and inspire you to grow a sustainable photography business all while enjoying a healthy work / life balance.

Beyond Natural Light Podcast

Tune in to Sandra Coan, an award-winning photographer, industry educator, and best-selling author on a mission to help photographers like you reach a place within your business where you can enjoy profitability, flexibility, and artistic freedom!

SheClicks Women in Photography

SheClicks Women in Photography podcast is hosted by Angela Nicholson, founder of SheClicks. It features influential women from the photographic industry speaking about their experiences, what drives them and how they got to where they are now. They aim to raise the profile of female photographers and discuss the issues women encounter in the business.

Outdoor Photography Podcast

Join Brenda Petrella from Outdoor Photography School as she sits down with top landscape and nature photographers and leaders in the outdoor industry to unpack their approaches to creativity, connecting with nature, and working safely and comfortably in the natural world.

Shutter Stories

Listen to Shutter Stories: A Canon Podcast on Photography, Filmmaking and Print hosted by Ilvy Njiokiktjien for inspiration, technical discussion and pro tips on how to make it in the industry from influential photographers, filmmakers and industry leaders from around the world.

Keeping It Candid

Join Sandra Yvonne, the host of Keeping It Candid – Wedding Photography Unfiltered for a candid, behind-the-scenes look at what it’s really like working as a wedding photographer. She also gives actionable steps to take your photography business to the next level.

Food Photography Corner

Join your hosts Rosslyn & Mikyla on Food Photography Corner Podcast which covers all topics pertaining to food photography, from shooting and styling to monetising and selling!

The Photo Ethics Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Savannah Dodd, founder of the Photography Ethics Centre. The podcast is all about the ethics of photography and covers topics like consent, dignity, power, responsibility, impact and collaboration.

The Photo Mama Podcast

The Photo Mama podcast, hosted by one of Australia’s leaders In Personal Branding Photography and Empowerment Biz coach for photographers Roshini Mccartin. This podcast brings you a real human AF look at what it takes to run an epic business whilst living in true alignment to your values.

Impact: The Conservation Photography Podcast

Join your host Jaymi Heimbuch on a deep dive into the inspirational conversations from conservation to creativity and the actionable how-tos for building your photograph business while making a big difference in the world.

PhotoWork with Sasha Wolf

Sasha Wolf, author of PhotoWork: Forty Photographers on Process and Practice, continues her conversations with friends, photographers she represents and photographers she has always wanted to speak with in this podcast.

Creative Soundscapes

Margaret Soraya runs a popular podcast Creative Soundscapes that covers creativity and wellbeing with guests who are photographers, thought leaders, writers, painters and those in the wellbeing space.


Jessica McDermott writes and produces Scenario, an immersive photography podcast that takes you on a journey as stories and projects unfold.

Perfect Bound

Perfect Bound is a podcast hosted by Jennifer Yoffy where she talked to artist about their journey – how they got where they are, what right and wrong turns they made along the way and where they’re heading next.

Repicture – A Podcast of The Everyday Projects

A podcast featuring candid conversations with photographers, academics, reporters, and editors on the ethics and practice of visual storytelling. Co-hosts Nyasha Kadandara and Tasneem Alsultan take on the topics of representation, mental health, sexual harassment, accountability, making mistakes, and self reflection.

The 7-Figure Photography Coach Podcast

Imagine turning your years of photography knowledge, skills, and experience into an extra stream of income (in addition to your photography) by creating an online course or coaching program. That would be a huge game-changer, right!? This is where the podcast hosted by Jennie Maroney comes in.

So You Want To Be A Photographer

TW: Death of Podcast Host
Leading celebrity and portrait photographer Gina Milicia discusses how to get the most out of your photography, including all the gear and gadgets you need.

In conclusion, these photography podcasts, hosted by women, provide an enriching listening experience for anyone interested in the art and craft of photography. Each show offers unique insights, inspiring stories, and valuable advice from women who have made a mark in the industry. So, grab your earphones and tune in to these podcasts to immerse yourself in the world of photography through a female lens!

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