Curated List of Black Women Photographers on YouTube

I have made this list in form of a Twitter thread a few years back, but it got lost in all the tweets that have been made since then.

In today’s digital age, YouTube has become a hub for creatives to showcase their skills, share knowledge, and build a community. However, for Black women photographers, finding channels that cater to their specific experiences and perspectives can be a challenge.

As a Black woman in the photography world, I understand the importance of representation and relatability. That’s why I am curating this list of remarkable Black women photographers who share their skills, insights, and experiences on YouTube.

Although some of the channels I share might be dormant, I hope that by sharing them here, that you the audience engages by leaving comments and likes on the content that resonates with you, will prompt them to come back and share again.

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a fellow Black woman navigating the industry, I hope these channels offer a wealth of inspiration and valuable content.

Active Channels

These are channels who have uploaded a video/shorts in 2023.

April Alexander –

April Alexander is a multidisciplinary artist based in London, UK.

SBA Studios –

SBA Studios founded by Lydia Wahito is a commercial production house based in Kenya. They specialise in food & product photography, product videos, stop motions & 360 photography. Their goal is to help brands tell their stories and to grow with our peers in creative photography and video.


Jade Keshia Gordon is a fashion and beauty photographer based in London, UK. She has experience with both studio and location photography and loves to experiment with different angles, lighting, and concepts in order to create something special that stands out from the rest.

Talya Adams –

Talya Adams is a film photographer, and artist. She documents her film photography journey on YouTube and is currently working on building up her professional editorial photography portfolio. 

The Creative Process with Musa –

Musa Bwanali is a Zimbabwean photographer based in London, UK.

Ejatu Shaw –

Ejatu Shaw is a London based multidisciplinary artist who uses both analogue and digital photography to produce unique, impactful and emotive imagery.

Tasha –

Natasha Wachira is a multi-faceted, experienced photographer and videography currently specialising in portrait photography and film-making.

Lola Akinmade –

Lola Akinmade Åkerström is an award-winning visual storyteller, international bestselling author, and travel entrepreneur. She has dispatched from 70+ countries and her work has been featured in National Geographic, New York Times, The Guardian, BBC, CNN, Travel Channel, Travel + Leisure, Lonely Planet, Forbes, and many more. She has collaborated with commercial brands such as Dove, Mercedes Benz, Intrepid Travel, Electrolux, and National Geographic Channel, to name a few.

Temi Lawson –

Temi Lawson is a film and digital photographer based in Dallas, Texas USA.

Black Female Landscape Photographers –

Black Female Landscape and Nature Photographers, (“BFLNP”) is a community featuring women of color sharing their love and expertise in landscape and nature photography. This channel was created to increase awareness of the existence of this community and to provide education, tips, and growth.

ArchiesLens –

Archie Anderson is a SoCal native and multi-hyphenate creative currently living and working in Los Angeles, USA. Her photographic work is deeply inspired by nature, urban landscape, and the exploration of humanity.

Elsie Kibue –

Elsie Kibue-Ngare is a Kenyan-British photographer based in London, England specialising in portraiture, sports, documentary and events.

Black Women Photographers –

Black Women Photographers (BWP) is a global community, directory, and hub of over 1,500 Black women and non-binary identifying photographers, spanning over 60+ countries and 35+ U.S. states.

Lensi DM –

Denise Maxwell is a full time professional photographer and semi pro videographer based in Wasall, U.K. this channel is all about the different aspects of what she does in her profession.

PICHA – Stock Photos with purpose –

PICHA is a visual content provider of curated and modern Afrocentric images that empower brands and businesses to tell richer stories creatively.

Lize –

Elizabeth Okoh is an author and photographer who specialises in documentary, boudoir and conceptual photography.

Dormant Channels

Lynsey Weatherspoon –

Lynsey Weatherspoon is an award winning photographer, portraitist and director based in Atlanta and Birmingham, USA.

Bria Woods –

Bria Woods is a Multimedia Journalist at the San Antonio Report, where she produces still images and short videos illustrating the stories that shape the community.

NK Abani Photography –

Nkechinyere Abani is a UK based portrait photographer who specialises in weddings, portraits, and special functions.

Oluwatosin Daniju –

Oluwatosin Daniju is a photographer whose work focuses mainly on theatre, portraiture and documentary. She uses photography and moving image to explore ideas around identity, home, loss and belonging from a person-centred therapeutic viewpoint.

Lucid Imaging –

Lucid Imaging is a fine art printing service founded by Denise N Ebanks – an artist, photographer and printmaker based in London, UK.

Lyra Aoko –

Lyra Aoko is a portrait, travel, lifestyle and commercial photographer based in Kenya.

Thandiwe Muriu –

Thandiwe Muriu is a Kenyan photographer who’s work showcases Africa’s unique mix of vibrant textiles, cultural practices, and beauty ideologies. She confronts issues surrounding identity and self-perception while seeking to redefine female empowerment through the application of her choice of materials, such as fabric and common household items. Thandiwe is better known for her Camo series, a project of cultural reflection.


UKBFTOG is a community that amplifies the voices of black female photographers and videographers that live in the United Kingdom.

Representation matters, and these Black women photographers are breaking barriers, sharing their skills, insights, and experiences on YouTube.

By curating this list, I hope to shine a light on their incredible work and provide a valuable resource for aspiring photographers and individuals seeking diverse perspectives in the photography world.

Through their channels (and websites), these talented women are not only inspiring others but also fostering a sense of community and empowerment. Let’s celebrate and support these amazing Black women photographers as they continue to make their mark in the industry.

Notable mentions

These are channels of Black women who are in the creative industry as film makers. I am adding them here as inspiration.

Taiwo Aina –

Taiwo Aina is a filmmaker and visual storyteller based in Nigeria who specializes in documenting real-life experiences and creating creative portraiture.

Tamara Gabriel –

Tamara Gabriel is a UK based filmmaker and content creator, who also enjoys working on personal projects, primarily focusing on filming short documentaries.

Brittney Janae –

Brittney Janae is a filmmaker living in Los Angeles, California USA. Her passion stems from the desire to tell compelling and captivating stories through documentary and personal work.

Hallease –

Hallease Narvaez, known simply as Hallease, is a filmmaker, digital storyteller, and creative entrepreneur based in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

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