Personal: Do You Want Ketchup

Do You Want Ketchup, 2019 My series of photographing the mundane, yet everyday objects, continues. This is slowly starting to become a thing. With every photograph that I take, there is a story behind it. On this day, my kids and I went to the park as we had just bought a new bike forContinue reading “Personal: Do You Want Ketchup”

Snapping London: Mushroom Bear

Mushroom Bear, 2019 Another one where I was running late for a meeting, but just had to stop and take this photo. The first one is here. Technically, I was on time, but I ended up at a different campus to the one I was supposed to be at. So on my way to theContinue reading “Snapping London: Mushroom Bear”

Review | My Cleanse Experience – Simple Green Smoothies

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal review of the Simple Green Smoothie Spring Cleanse aka Fresh Start Spring Cleanse 2017. Some of the words used here are from SGS to guide the cleansers (like me) write a personal experience on doing cleanse. In My Own Words I have been following Simple Green Smoothies since 2015 whenContinue reading “Review | My Cleanse Experience – Simple Green Smoothies”

Baking Revival: Homemade Oatmeal Cookies – Part 2

Homemade oatmeal cookies / biscuits as shown here, try them with a hot steaming cup of Masala Tea.

Baking Revival: Homemade Oatmeal Cookies – Part 1

Wow….the last time I did a post on baked goods was more than a year ago -> here Truth be told, I did continue baking, but didn’t get time to take pictures as the goods were devoured before I got a chance, seeing they were so delicious. Anyway, I decided to make a point ofContinue reading “Baking Revival: Homemade Oatmeal Cookies – Part 1”

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