Always Remember to Back-up!!!

So, a dear friend asked me to be her photographer on one of the best days of her life and I gladly accept. I have to admit though, I was abit nervous as I wanted to do the best job possible. After all, this was my second gig as a wedding photographer.

My first outing, was a small and intimate event. My session went well and I was happy with the results as were the couple (I hope) who are also dear friends.

This time round, I had added new accessories to my current kit and I was ready to go, but boy was it a learning curve.

One thing I will TOTALLY remember for next time is to carry more battery power.

The battery for my camera just backed up as I finished shooting the park scene with the happy couple, so I was reduced to using my compact camera. Which, without it I wouldn’t have captured a few pictures as my battery charged. So, in my opinion, if you haven’t got a second DSLR camera, invest in a very good P&S (point and shoot). You won’t get the same quality shots as your DSLR, but sometimes, those everyday shots work.

The second time my batteries let me down was whilst the bride and groom were being presented with their gifts. My flash just didn’t work. So, again, I was reduced to shoot the rest of the proceedings with the inbuilt flash and again, my compact camera. The only thing I did have spare of was memory. I just managed to fill a 4gb card and the extra 1gb finished the job.

Of course there were other things that happened behind the scenes, but in the endI had loads of fun doing this as the event was full of wonderful people from both behind and infront of the scenes.

Would I do it again? Why not and only if the guests and the couple are as friendly!

Congratulations to the Happy Couple and thank you for the opportunity to better myself.

2 thoughts on “Always Remember to Back-up!!!

  1. egm….I labelled the P&S my facebook camera. Yaani, I was shocked that people were very accepting of this. hehehehe! I had to be creative, but I feel you on the battery issue. I am now looking for a grip for my camera.

  2. Back up batteries is paramount. I carry not one, but 3 extra, fully charged batteries. For the flash I carry two sets of new batteries (4 each). And a second camera and lens are also paramount. Lucky you it was close friends who would understand using the P&S. For me, chomoaring a P&S on a job would mean blacklisting from that point on!

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