10 Year Anniversary & How I Missed It

10 Years of Blogging


I was looking at my stats and I just realised that I started my blog, which later became part of my website, 10 years ago. The actual date that I wrote my first entry was in January 2009 and I completely forgot to commemorate this HUGE milestone.

I will blame it on the pressures of being a postgrad student.

In 2009, I had written 30 posts that amounted to 2,862 words and had 48 comments. Not bad for my first year in my new digs, huh?!

I have to admit over the years, I have really struggled with updating it as much as I would have liked, especially now with my attention being diverted to my social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. And to top it off, I have to be a wife, mother and photographer.

That being said, I am now trying to hold myself accountable that I will keep updating this platform more. After all, it is part of my portfolio as a photographer.

Here is to another 10 years and hopefully a larger audience. CHEERS!




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