EK13 | The Blog 2021 in Review

Hello, 2022! Is it me or did 2021 just fly by? Looking back at the previous year (2020), last year didn’t seem that bad and I am so hopeful for what is in store for 2022. After all, we now just have to learn to live with the new global changes that are happening allContinue reading “EK13 | The Blog 2021 in Review”

EK13 | The Blog 2016 in Review

Happy New Year People! What a year 2016 has been. I bet most of you would like to see the back of it and hope that 2017 will be much much better. Well, the last time I did this review, I was under the assumption that I would attempt to blog as much as IContinue reading “EK13 | The Blog 2016 in Review”

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