Five Years On and the Lessons Learnt

Technically, less than five, but who is counting, right? Anyway, back in 2012, someone somewhere gave the bright idea that I should go to university to learn some more stuff. If you haven’t caught on, I was talking about myself…😁😆 (lame, I know) Fast forward to 2017 (hence the five-year remark), I have come out theContinue reading “Five Years On and the Lessons Learnt”

Never too late – My Photoblog 2012 Review.

As far as reflections of a year gone by, 2012 for me has been a very weird one and in a good way for the most part. Looking back, one thing I do wish I had was time to do more stuff. No regrets though as some of what I achieved, will change my currentContinue reading “Never too late – My Photoblog 2012 Review.”

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