Happy Father’s Day

Look Daddy! This One!
Special Bond

As we celebrate Father’s around the world, I wanted to share this picture of my son and husband.

Our home has a train depot just behind it and my son is at a stage where he is obsessed with the passing trains. Here are my lads, after the little one had just woken up from his afternoon nap. First thing he said as soon as he woke up was, “Sho sho train Daddy. Look! This one! Green door.”

Always puts a smile on my face. This is the one of the many moments we get to bond with our son for those few moments that he sits still. This time it was daddy’s turn. And I was there to capture it.

Happy Father’s Day Babes!

Simply Aayan

My son has a playmate and when they are together, they have this love-hate relationship. It’s always exciting to watch how children interact and I always forget to have my camera ready.

Not on this occassion, when my friend and her son came to visit. This time I was ready, but I soon realised, photographing children takes ALOT of patience.

At the end of it all, when you look at the results……you get one gem.

Aayan – I love this boy. He is just like a son to me.

Here is to more portraits….