…I am a PHOTOGRAPHER! Not that I wasn’t before, but it will all make sense shortly. Ok…let me explain, I have been really caught up with events and my attention to this blog has slacked big time. I have a very good excuse though and I hope you will all forgive me. Well, since myContinue reading “IT’S OFFICIAL…”

Five Years On and the Lessons Learnt

Technically, less than five, but who is counting, right? Anyway, back in 2012, someone somewhere gave the bright idea that I should go to university to learn some more stuff. If you haven’t caught on, I was talking about myself…😁😆 (lame, I know) Fast forward to 2017 (hence the five-year remark), I have come out theContinue reading “Five Years On and the Lessons Learnt”

Never too late – My Photoblog 2012 Review.

As far as reflections of a year gone by, 2012 for me has been a very weird one and in a good way for the most part. Looking back, one thing I do wish I had was time to do more stuff. No regrets though as some of what I achieved, will change my currentContinue reading “Never too late – My Photoblog 2012 Review.”

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