…I am a PHOTOGRAPHER! Not that I wasn’t before, but it will all make sense shortly. Ok…let me explain, I have been really caught up with events and my attention to this blog has slacked big time. I have a very good excuse though and I hope you will all forgive me. Well, since myContinue reading “IT’S OFFICIAL…”

Galleries, art and photography

This year, I have vowed to myself to visit more galleries. After all, the more I attend lectures at University, I realise the importance of art in photography. Hundreds of years before photography, people relied on paintings as they used to give us a sense of places or people you wouldn’t have access to. HowContinue reading “Galleries, art and photography”

Studying Photography

Well, since my last post, I have been busy with making major changes with regards to me being a ‘photographer’. I have decided to go back to school or rather, learn much more than I have taught myself up until now. This has been a decision that has been weighing in my conscience for more thanContinue reading “Studying Photography”

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