Project: “Untitled” (Ongoing Series)

image_5B0436FF-DB55-4DE4-B949-25F910F982F1.IMG_8857Untitled (2019) – Part of the ‘When We Forget to Look Up’ series.

I got off the bus late at night on my way home from lectures. Looking up I was greeted by this eerie, yet amazing scene above my head. The street lamp shining through the bare tree with branches that made this sweeping circular motion making it look like a nest. I was intrigued. I was left wondering.


Snapping London: Feeding Ducks

Feeding Ducks
Canon 7D with Canon 50mm f/1.8 II EF lens.
Exposure: 1/750 at f/1.8 (ISO 200) Focal length: 50mm
Post production: Lightroom 4

Feeding Ducks

A woman seats in the local park near where I live enjoying the fresh spring air.

Image is part of #SnappingLondon series

Aayan in the Snow

I have to admit, as cold as it was, I somehow managed to walk to my pal’s place and took the opportunity of the ‘white stuff’ to photograph her son. Good thing that they only lived 20mins walk from my house (they have since moved).

So, with my camera ready…..snapping the snow covered landscape en-route to her house, I managed to get there with myself and kit in one piece. Walking on ice/snow it not for the weak. One needs special shoes, clothing and walking skills.

Snow covered street near where I live…

Snow covered church on my friend’s street….

All in all, after much convincing for them to leave the house, I set up the location just outside her door. Snow has got to be the best natural reflector ever. You don’t need to do much to get the light under the model’s chin, eyes, etc. Shame about it being cold and dealing with a child……I would have loved to continue to take more pictures.

Here are some of the shots taken on the day…..

All smiles as Aayan steps out in the snow for the first time…

Aayan’s mum takes a picture of us fooling around as he refused to walk in the snow…

The boy has had enough of the white stuff…

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I went ahead and ordered 8 x 12 prints for them via @LoxleyColour and they loved them.

Aayan Prints
Photo of the 8 x 12 prints for the client