Travel: Dublin Ferry


In 2015, I took the ferry to Dublin using SailRail from London. It is one of the cheapest ways to travel to Ireland. This was my first time crossing the Irish Sea and my first time travelling to Dublin. For most of the journey, I was inside the ferry as there isn’t much to see and it can get really windy on the deck. So I waited until we were about to dock and that is when I ventured to the viewing deck of the ferry and took these photographs before we arrived at Dublin Port.

It was still very windy, but at least it was sunny. I am not a fan of windy, cold, rainy weather, but Ireland gets an exception from me. I have to say, the little I saw of the country, I vowed I would be back as I had fallen in love with it. I enjoyed my stay even though it was a short one.



Travel: The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway (2017)

I took this photograph when I was in Ireland and Northern Ireland for the Women’s Rugby World Cup. A friend and I decided to drive to this world-famous tourist site in Northern Ireland during the break between matches from the World Cup. We took the scenic route and it was certainly one of the highlights of that trip. An experience that I have to be grateful to my friend Sarah.

The rock formations are what people descend to this area for, but on this day my images weren’t coming out how I wanted them. So I turned around and started photographing the rocky hills that were nearby and this is one I took on my phone.

Sometimes, it’s good to have people around you who get your passion when it comes to photography. The number of times we stopped just to take the views were just too many to count and I am forever appreciative for her allowing me to be her travel buddy. Thank you, Sarah.

Ohh, she is really awesome at photographing sports. Check out her Instagram and tell her I sent you there.

If you are ever in Northern Ireland, I would highly recommend doing the scenic drive to The Giant’s Causeway and whilst you are there, stay at The Ardtrabane House Bed and Breakfast. Please call ahead and check for availability as it can get booked up pretty fast. It’s the best BnB I have stayed in and the owners are super nice. If looking for a place to eat for dinner after walking to The Giant’s Causeway from the BnB, The Nook, has fairly decent food at reasonable prices.

Have you got any site seeing recommendations that are ‘unusual’?