Project: I Hate Chalk


I Hate Chalk, 2019

Walking around campus and saw this minimalist attempt at graffiti. I wonder what chalk did to this person for them to hate it and proclaim it to the world.


YouTube: A Brief Update

For this week’s post, I thought I give you a brief update on my YouTube channel and how it is going.

Since my last few posts herehere and here together with a rocky start, I have somehow managed to keep to a schedule of posting every two weeks at 8am GMT without fail.

At the moment, I am focusing on being consistent and holding myself accountable whilst learning how to edit videos. Eventually, I would like to see it grow into a space where I can showcase my creativity as a photographer and also feature a few of my friends and other creatives that I happen to come across.

From time to time, my children will also be featured as I am a mum and they are part of me. The channel is essentially about photography and my lifestyle as a photographer and a mum. Hence using the ‘mumtographer’ or ‘mumtog’ moniker.

If you are visiting my blog for the first time, welcome.

For those who follow this blog and new followers alike, head over to my channel and subscribe. You are not obliged to and I appreciate you just the same for sticking out with me here on my blog.

Here is the last video I uploaded – My First MA Class Presentation (And I Wasn’t Even There)


For those of you who may not know, I am currently in the second year of my MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism. This was my first presentation at the beginning of the term to the new students who joined the course. Life happened and I wasn’t able to be there in person, but technology and friends saved the day.

Happy viewing!


New Look


So, some time last year I made the bold statement above and put it on my Instagram feed – which is private at the moment until they find a way of allowing multiple accounts like Twitter, but I digress.

Where was I? Aaahh yes, the bold statement I made towards the end of 2012.

So….I have been using the logo below for a while and I thought it needed a change.

EK13 Watermark

From creating one using the simplicity of text, I went all Illustrator on the new one. I wanted something clean and simple. And this is what I came up with and I am really pleased.

EK13 Photos Logo copy

Keeping the same colours as the as the old logo, I wanted a ‘mark’ that would work as a whole or on its own. When I say as a whole, I mean with the photography included or not.

So, I can safely say that I can do a little bit of work on Illustrator. I am not a pro, but I do try as I have used it a few times. Like when I was asked to create a banner to be printed for an event (see pic):

AEP 2012 Image courtesy of AEP (African Event Photographers)

With that in mind, I went ahead and cashed in on my free moocards code courtesy of Westphoto. I ordered some biz cards which I also designed on Illustrator. I had trouble converting the saved files to business card format, but with help from Moo, I finally got my cards printed and within days I had them with me. All I had to pay for was postage, as it was not included.

IMG_0569 Card packaging-niffty huh!
IMG_0570 The cards in all their glory

I was pleased with my choice of cards (paper, size, design, etc), but they had one flaw….my design didn’t work on black matt surface. Good thing they were freebies, otherwise…  All in all, I still have cards that I can pass round until they run out. And I love them.

Back to taking pictures then…