Personal: Happy Holidays Selfie

Happy Holidays Selfie, 2017 In the spirit of the season, I thought I share with you this self portrait of me reflected on a Christmas bauble. I hope wherever you are, even if you do not celebrate Christmas, that you are happy. Happy Holidays, everyone! #HolidaySelfie

Personal: The One That Got Away

As some of you may know, I am currently studying for my Masters in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism. Last year for one of my modules, Writing Photography, we did writing exercises and I am going to share with you one of them. A Photograph That Only Exists in My Memory – The One That GotContinue reading “Personal: The One That Got Away”

Personal: Do You Want Ketchup

Do You Want Ketchup, 2019 My series of photographing the mundane, yet everyday objects, continues. This is slowly starting to become a thing. With every photograph that I take, there is a story behind it. On this day, my kids and I went to the park as we had just bought a new bike forContinue reading “Personal: Do You Want Ketchup”

Personal: We Are Gathered Here

We Are Gathered Here, 2019 I love photographing the mundane. I think it is because life nowadays seems to become too busy and distracting that we tend to miss things that make a chuckle a little bit. Things that make us pause and wonder. Things that just let us be in the moment of thoughtfulnessContinue reading “Personal: We Are Gathered Here”

Snapping London: Mushroom Bear

Mushroom Bear, 2019 Another one where I was running late for a meeting, but just had to stop and take this photo. The first one is here. Technically, I was on time, but I ended up at a different campus to the one I was supposed to be at. So on my way to theContinue reading “Snapping London: Mushroom Bear”

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