These are the various ways you can support me and my work.

Purchase a Print

I like taking photographs of things that interest me and evokes emotions within me. Having a print shop where I have carefully curated some of these images, I would like you, the buyer, to feel truly inspired when you see the print hanging on your wall.

I would like to think of my work as something that will spark up a conversation and makes you feel something within you. Be it a memory or dream.

I am selling my open-edition prints as part of the #ArtistSupportPledge, an initiative started in the early days of the pandemic. I’ve pledged to pass on the good fortune and purchase artwork from a fellow artist when I reach print sales of £500.

I am also going to be donating 20% to a charity of my choice and BWP – each getting 10% of each print sold from my Limited Editions. This is my little way of giving back.

So take a look at my shop and if anything jumps right at you, why not gift it to yourself, your family or friend?

Invest in a print as I believe it is one of the best ways to to connect with art and to also support living artists.

Buy Me A Cuppa

I hope you enjoy seeing the content I share here on my website, blog and YouTube channel. Drinking loads of tea/coffee accompanied by ginger cookies make it happen and your support to top up my supply is always welcome.

Hire Me

I am available for commission and assignments.
Contact me via email:

Thank you for all your support! x

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