IRB London Sevens – Day Two

Another day in Twickenham and as a rugby fan, it was a wonderful day. The weather was perfect and the games very entertaining. Here are a few shots of the day….

What a tackle!!!

Kenyan Supporters

Yes We Can!

And we did….team receiving the Bowl trophy

Kayumbet on the pitch!

Lap of honour and acknowledging the Kenyan fans for their support

Saluting the Kenyan fans

Ohhhh….did I mention that Kenya won the Bowl? Well…..they did.

8 thoughts on “IRB London Sevens – Day Two

    1. Kirima…it is hard, that you sometimes miss the all important shots. Since I use a telephoto lens, I have learnt to use it as a monoculous….hehehehe! Watch through it with my finger ready to snap away. Another thing, I am never with the crowd when Kenya is playing….hard to get shots with people jumping all over the place.

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