I am now a mother and my photographs if weren’t important before, are now more than ever.

They are PRECIOUS to me.

Only the other day, my memory card just froze and ‘erased’ all my photos and short videos. I am really vexed and close to shedding tears daily as most of the photos are of BABY.

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I tend to take pictures of him on a daily basis and when he does something new, I take a video using the same camera. Got to love digital cameras…! Now, I am trying to recover said files from my memory card and it is a drawn out process. The fact that I will be losing videos of DS attempting to sit down or roll over is too much for me to bear. I won’t stop until there is not other solution or way to get them out of the card.

I am to blame anyways as I kept swapping the card between cameras and everything I uploaded the pictures on my computer, I never erased them from the memory card and/or formatted the card. As a result ‘MEMORY CARD ERROR’ everytime I switch on my camera to take a picture or video clip.

Well, lesson learnt. FORMATTING top of my list as well as BACKUPS.

I found a few articles online highlighting the importance of formatting your memory, which I though I share with you, esp. the parents who are taking precious photographs of their little ones. Just like a wedding, some things can never be repeated to be captured on film.

Please prevent this from happening to you.



Yesterday was a very VERY close call for me. I almost lost two of the most precious things in my kit bag…..the only two things that I have at the moment to produce my work. My two babies…….Canon 18-55mm and Sigma 70-300mm lenses.

How I managed to drop both of them from standing height and they both survived is beyond me. God was and is  surely watching over me. All I let out was a weird sounding shriek/scream that the people around me were well nervous. I managed to pick myself up and continued with the job at hand.

Lesson for the day:

Change your lens on a level secure area and make sure that is has been locked into place before proceeding. Also, helps if you have a small light bag to carry stuff around if you are shooting from different locations.