London Commute

London Commute, 2020 I do not like commuting in London during rush hour or when there is a problem. I took this photo at around 9.30am on Tuesday and this was the situation at London Liverpool Street as I was heading to university. Normally, I would be standing right at the yellow line, you knowContinue reading “London Commute”

Personal: Family First

That moment you take a minute to reflect. Family support is EVERYTHING esp. when they came out to see my FMP Free Range Show back in 2016. My daily challenges as a mother who is trying to work as a freelance photographer and at the same follow my passion, is that there are not enoughContinue reading “Personal: Family First”

Revisit: Why Photography? Part II

It is interesting that when we think of photography, we only think about the visual until you are studying the medium and are thrown into a theoretical world of books that have been written on photography. Not until your lecturer points out that no one really writes anything about ‘the photograph’ or photography itself when itContinue reading “Revisit: Why Photography? Part II”

Tips on How I Archive My Work

As a digital photographer, you will always end up with loads of photographs and videos over the years and in my case, around 8+ years worth. Unfortunately, one of my computers, an iMac, decided to call it a day and I cannot retrieve a whole library of my work, most of which wasn’t backed up.Continue reading “Tips on How I Archive My Work”

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