Setting Up My Old APS Camera – Canon IXUS M-1

I cannot remember my first ever camera, but I do remember I bought it back in 2000/01 from a supermarket as I purchased my groceries. All I knew is that I wanted to document my life away from Kenya. Later on, when I had enough money, I decided to get the Canon IXUS M-1 andContinue reading “Setting Up My Old APS Camera – Canon IXUS M-1”

Personal: 10 Years Married

On this day… (2013) – from my ‘Path to Khai’ project. Earlier this week, on Monday, to be exact, I posted this RAW image (just realised I shared an unedited image – oops 😁🙈) of my marriage license, my ring and that of my husband on Instagram with the following caption: Ten years ago today,Continue reading “Personal: 10 Years Married”

Boyz Toyz

One way to surely kill boredom is to find inspiration with items around the house. Decided to shot a series of images using my son’s toys on wheels. As I put the images up, he is enjoying spending quality time with daddy in Nairobi, Kenya. So this is me missing my lads dearly and wishContinue reading “Boyz Toyz”

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