Personal: Family First

That moment you take a minute to reflect. Family support is EVERYTHING esp. when they came out to see my FMP Free Range Show back in 2016.

My daily challenges as a mother who is trying to work as a freelance photographer and at the same follow my passion, is that there are not enough hours in a day.

On a serious note, just getting to juggle between being a wife, mother and a photographer is hard enough as your family esp. children come first as the expense of getting childcare when an opportunity to go out on a job or assignment always makes you analyse whether is it worth it. Also, people don’t take creatives seriously and always want to undercut us when it comes to paying for work done.

I am here for #SupportingWorkingMums as the struggle is real.

So, if I quote you for a job, please keep in mind that I have bills just like you. And, when I mention my kids, don’t assume I cannot do the job. It is not that complicated. They are the very reason I am putting myself forward for the job.

Thank you and stay blessed, always!

Side note: This article by photographer Sophie Ebrard puts this struggle into a much better perspective of how as women we struggle to get the job, keep the job and still strive to raise our children in healthy environments.


Focus on Imaging 2009

So this was my third year at the expo and I was not disappointed.

Is there a recession going on? To be honest, I never felt it at the venue, The NEC in Birmingham. With all the kit you could ever imagin to have in your possession in display, one was tempted to just break the bank and go on a spending spree.

I held back though and just picked a few accessories for my current beginners kit.

Back to Focus, as I write this, it still has two days before it is over. So, if you can, please go and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

I didn’t see everything I wanted to see…….there is too much to see anyway. Tip…..make a list of the stands you would like to see and stick to it. Otherwise, you will have an excitement migrane.

Focus was and is an experience that will make me go back year after year. Worth every penny of the £6 entry price and the 2 hour journey.