Project: “Untitled” (Ongoing Series)

image_5B0436FF-DB55-4DE4-B949-25F910F982F1.IMG_8857Untitled (2019) – Part of the ‘When We Forget to Look Up’ series.

I got off the bus late at night on my way home from lectures. Looking up I was greeted by this eerie, yet amazing scene above my head. The street lamp shining through the bare tree with branches that made this sweeping circular motion making it look like a nest. I was intrigued. I was left wondering.


I Still Cannot Believe It…

…I am an Art Programme finalist.

My latest vlog sees me attend an Intellectual Property Law Workshop at the Travers Smith LLC offices as part of the CSR Art Programme.

Last year, during the degree show, my “Women in Sports” project was selected to be part of the programme as it helps us, as students, to transition from studying to the real world. When it comes to creative degrees, there is a huge gap when it comes to learning/knowing your rights as an artist and how to run yourself as a business/brand. This is where the lucky few who are picked to be in the programme get to learn about from professionals on the field, while at the same time, have their artwork displayed in the offices for the academic year.

I hope you enjoy watching the vlog.

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Taking Instant Pictures

Last year, I bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera. My intention was to get kids at my son’s school excited about photography during the Winter Fair, but that was a bust 😔.

I guess, I was just too excited and I failed to do my photobooth homework well.

With more practice, I will definitely be back.

Fast forward to May, 2016, having not used the camera for a while due to other commitments, I decided I would actually make use of my Instax camera, but I needed a challenge. Shooting using film, instant or otherwise, in this day and age of digital photography is not cheap. Anyway, I dusted off my cool blue Instax Mini 8 camera, bought my film from Amazon UK and came up with an idea to shoot using the film.

The Kenya Sevens team were going to be in town for London 7s and I thought I would do my own version of the squad profiles using the camera. And this was the result…


There was a lot of buzz from this image on my Instagram and I knew I was on to something. Even Fujifilm UK reposted my image on their feed.


I actually even used the camera to collect signed prints from a few people during London 7s which I will be posting on my Instagram feed in due course. One of which I kept from the Kenya 7s team – Collins Injera – as he became the ‘All Time Try Scorer’ of all time in the Sevens World Series.


What next? I have something planned for June using my Instax Mini 8 and I am so excited about it. My son even wants one now. So I may just upgrade to the Instax Mini 70 in Island Blue and gift the Mini 8 to him on his 6th birthday.


Asking for Help…

…is not an easy thing to do, especially when it involves money.


My decision to start a GoFundMe campaign was not an easy one, but I knew it had to be done. I really want to exhibit my work with my peers and a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do…or so I think the saying goes.

I created the campaign page a while back, but decided not to act on it until earlier this month, when I realised that I just won’t have enough money to produce my work to be exhibited in June. I really want taking part in the exhibition to be the pinnacle of my four years in University and I want it to be special. I also know, by exhibiting, I will get to network with a lot of people during the private view of our Degree Show and to me that would be a great opportunity to potentially get ‘seen’ with my work in full view of the public 😬.

So, this is just a quick blog post to ask for your help. Click on the GoFundMe button on the right hand side of my blog for more details – DONATE & SHARE. Your support will be highly appreciated. 🙏🏾  👍🏾

In the meantime, please check our Instagram feed to see previews of work by other students taking part in the University of Westminster Degree Show at Free Range this year.

Thank you for time and God bless you!

Making Prints

Sometimes I do wonder why I never print my images. After picking this print up from Metro Imaging a few weeks ago, to submit as part of my Practice Research for my Final Major Project, I was really pleased with the results. The feedback I got from my tutor was equally positive.

I am making this my mission to do a lot of printing this year. I find that images do have a certain feel of completion once printed.

More images from this series can be viewed in my website here

These are part of ‘test shoots’ for my FMP to do with Women in Sports  which is still in working progress.

The final images will be exhibited in June as part of the University of Westminster Degree Show at Free Range.