Not Good Enough

Yes, I know. I missed posting last week and by the time I realised it was too late. So, this week, I will be posting twice. All is forgive, right? Thank you 😅

So, earlier this year for my MA, I made my third ‘book’. This one was with the help of pro printers and binders Panopus Printing (@panopusprinting) & Bookworks (@bookworksuk) and with quick turnarounds too. After-all, I had a deadline I needed to beat and they delivered. I highly recommend their services.

Support also came in form of my uni friends Wasi and Ranu as they really helped when I felt I was stuck. Of course I cannot forget the valuable feedback I got from my tutors Miranda Hutton and Aron Morel as it helped shape the final product you see here.

It’s not perfect, but seeing it finished brought joyful tears to my eyes. I will share more on this project later on in my blog and my YouTube channel.

If you have any questions about it, leave a comment below and I will do a video answering them.

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Daughter and Me

Daughter and Me, 2018

When this photo was taken, I just realised that I couldn’t remember the last time I took a bath with Kena. Let’s just say now that she can talk and notice more stuff 🙈😬😂, the questions were coming in thick and fast.

For me this was one of many moments to feel comfortable in my own skin/body after the changes of giving birth to two adorable minions causes – birthing scars, stretch marks, wobbly/saggy bits, the works. Accepting that no matter what, mummy is still mummy and beautiful. After all, other than daddy ☺️, they never knew/saw me before then, so…


A Little Introduction

I Woke Up Like This, 2019

I rarely put pictures of myself on here, but I thought, why not introduce myself to the few who follow me here. Besides, #Selfies are not my thing, but what the heck, right?

I am a photographer.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya, but I have lived in the U.K. for most of my adult life. I am married and have two adorable children, a boy and a girl. For the last 7 or so years, I have been studying for a BA & MA in Photography and I also work as a freelance photojournalist covering mostly art, corporate and sporting events.

My passion is photographing portraits as I meet amazing people and I get to know more about them. It also gives me an opportunity to grow as a person.

I also love experimenting with my photography especially working with 35mm, 120 and Instant film.

I recently revived my blog as I wanted to share my experiences/journey as photographer, but it has been a struggle to get the right content going as writing is really not my thing. So, please bear with me as I find my stride.

I’d love to hear from you. Introduce yourself and let’s get this conversation going.

And, if you know someone in the London looking for a photographer to spruce up their social media with pictures, show them this post or you can direct them to my contact form here.

Also, please follow my blog as I post something every Friday.

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