Focus on Imaging 2009

So this was my third year at the expo and I was not disappointed.

Is there a recession going on? To be honest, I never felt it at the venue, The NEC in Birmingham. With all the kit you could ever imagin to have in your possession in display, one was tempted to just break the bank and go on a spending spree.

I held back though and just picked a few accessories for my current beginners kit.

Back to Focus, as I write this, it still has two days before it is over. So, if you can, please go and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

I didn’t see everything I wanted to see…….there is too much to see anyway. Tip…..make a list of the stands you would like to see and stick to it. Otherwise, you will have an excitement migrane.

Focus was and is an experience that will make me go back year after year. Worth every penny of the £6 entry price and the 2 hour journey.

Why Photography?

I had a very interesting conversation with my mum just the other day about my passion for taking pictures.

Apparently, it started from when she had a camera and I was a bit young. I would just take it and snap away. She used to scold me, but I guess I never listened. Otherwise, we (I) wouldn’t be here today.

I love being behind the lens rather than infront of it. What started as a hobby is turning out to be something I would like to do full time.

I have used film in 35mm and APS (Advance Photo System) formats, compact digital and now DSLR (digital single-lens reflex).

I just love being in this digital age of photography……no time to wait around for your pictures. Although, I somewhat miss the intensity of waiting for your films to be processed. Waiting to see if you nailed the shot or not.

Anyway, I just love the whole process of capturing life on a single frame and making it a personal journey of your life as a photographer.

I just love the beauty of storing pieces of ‘forgotten’ memories which can me shared years from when the picture was taken.

I just love the whole process and the lessons learnt from the whole experience. Be it, fashion, sports, travel, nature, etc.

To me photography is my way of showing the world how I see it, through my eyes and lens.

A passion I hope to nuture and let in grow within me.

Hello world!

You know what, as ‘first’ blogs/entries go, I am not going to edit the heading for the default blog entry by wordpress.

To me, this is just the perfect way, in a brand new year, to welcome you and me to a brand new name, or should I say…….adventure.

So here is to EK13 Photography and to new beginnings.

Here is to life!

p.s. Have you noticed that ‘first’ is in quotes? Well……as this blog progresses, some of you will know why. To the rest…………!