Snapping London: Mushroom Bear

Mushroom Bear, 2019 Another one where I was running late for a meeting, but just had to stop and take this photo. The first one is here. Technically, I was on time, but I ended up at a different campus to the one I was supposed to be at. So on my way to the […]

Snapping London: Four Ducks in a Row

Four Ducks in a Row, 2019 I shot this image in Regents Park, London. I was running late for a meeting as I got lost looking for the meeting venue. I said, “What the heck, I am late anyway and I have my camera.” so I snapped away. This is one of the photographs I […]

Snapping London: Hybrid Elephant

Hybrid Elephant (2013) Back in 2013, a friend convinced me that we should venture the streets of London first thing Sunday morning. Sunday mornings are for sleeping in, but not on this day. We traipsed the streets of Shoreditch on our mini photo walk taking pictures of the tranquil streets before the Sunday crowds came […]