Project: Remnants

Untitled (2019)

Working on a new project about things that I leave behind. Things or objects that sometimes I let go of without even thinking about it, but other times they cause a lot of worry and pain.

Lately, I have been thinking about life and death. There have been at least three deaths this year alone that have been close to me and have affected me in different ways. It is weird/funny how something so guaranteed in life can cause so much anguish. Then you are reminded that nothing lasts forever. Life is too short.

This got me thinking about how I view certain things and situations. So, I started photographing random small bits of my life that I will never physically get back, but the memory will still linger on, in some cases.

And I suppose, this is why I love photography.

It imprints. It makes permanent. It immortalises.


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