I Miss Blogging

I have really neglected my blog.

I guess the pressures of being a student and stay at home mum (yes, I quit my job since 2015) took it’s toll on me. I didn’t know how much my time would not be my time and when it was my time, all I wanted to do is sleep or just be EXTRA EXTRA lazy.

That said, I have been busy. Clearly, this has not been reflected here, but I am seriously thinking of coming back and do it over again. Get back to it and get myself motivated without the pressure of deadlines. I guess, what I am trying to say it that, as much as I loved being a student, in hindsight, I would not have done Uni with two kids under 5.

And, I miss just rumbling on to people I know and don’t know.

So…will things change around here…..maybe not.

I may have a few things I would like to share from time to time, but most importantly, I will aim to share my journey as a photographer and any projects that I am working on.

So, let’s see if this time I can at least put up a post once a week and for how long I can keep up with it.

Comment. Like. Share.


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