She walked in to the studio as I was working on another project and as soon as she sat on the chair I started taking her picture.

Aster is my friend from university and when I asked her if she could sit for my project, she blatantly refused, but with gently persuasion, she agreed for me to take her picture, but not for the project I was working on.

Well, to me this was a moment of triumph as it makes more and more confident in the powers that be, that are needed when photographing people. One may think it is easy to do portrait photography, but I guess like any other forms of photography, it is a skill that takes a lot practice. Getting people to be comfortable just to sit and their have their image digitally immortalised is an art in itself.

I don’t like having  my images taken, but I do put myself in front of the camera from time to time, just to feel what sitters like Aster experience and how I can perfect my approach on making future subjects / clients feel more inclined to have their image taken by me.

Well, I have to thank Aster for letting me photograph her and here is to many more like her!

Follow Aster on Instagram and check out her website to see some of her work.


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