Project BMB…

aka ‘Bring Mojo Back’!

The day I unpacked this beauty...the smile says it all.

I know, I know…..this blog has been ‘dead’ for a long time and I really need to resurrect it like yesterday.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy…..! Oh, no! I have been pre-occupied by other matters that have diverted my energies away from my love for photography. Hopefully time shall reveal why.

Through twitter, I spotted this blog/tweep/motivation to give me a quick nudge off my photography behind and do something about my lack of content up in here. A gentle reminder along side this one to remind me why I got hooked in the first place.

So, as I attempt Project BMB, I would like to thank the people behind the scenes encouraging me to do so. I just pray and hope that it will be like riding a bike / swimming……once you know how you never forget.


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