The Kenyan team have already arrived in London ready for the final legs of the IRB Sevens Series 2008/09 tour. Edinburgh will be their final stop after London as the tournament draws to a close. So far, this has been Kenya’s best performance in the series.

Below are a few shots (loads more to come) of the team Coach, Benjamin Ayimba, being interviewed by the local Kenyan news correspondent, Topi Lyambila, before the games on Saturday and Sunday at Twickenham.

See you FANatics on Saturday!!!

Don't forget, the Official Afterparty on Sunday will be at Flavas Lounge Bar & Grill.
Details can be found here.

One thought on “ IRB Sevens Series 2009 – London Leg (Interview with ‘Coaches’) ”

  1. u have made us so proud as we watch u guys play we are happy though this two rounds we are in difficult pools we are also heavyweights as them.

    Sudi we want to see ur worth.

    Injera sidestep needed hapo


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