Participants Found…

…to take part in my photography project.

It wasn’t easy as I have a very weird nervous way of talking to strangers and asking if they would like to take part in my project. I soon realised how important it is to have someone in the sidelines to help you with certain things. Keep you in check and all that.

For the most part, this involved them having bare shoulders and we know how that goes in autumn and you are all layered up. Good thing, the studio I had booked for the shoot was kind of private.

Setting up the H3D Hasselblad

Anyway, I used whatever resources I had at my disposal and went for it. Approached willing participants from around campus. I got quiet a few weird stares, but I managed to get at least 10 students willing to take part. Even I was shocked.

The rest were some of my colleagues.

Rosario sitting for me for lighting test shot

Nicole sitting for me and final set-up for images

I am still shooting the project in the hope to be finished by the end of this month. My determination is fuelled by words I keep uttering to my son, “Please finish it, as you have already started.”

This particular assignment is making me approach total strangers, ask them for something and build some sort of relationship.

After all, if I am to be portrait photographer, I have to keep practising how to talk to people from all walks of life – family and friends excluded – as it is the most daunting thing I would ever do.

This is for the COURAGE & CONFIDENCE to see this project through.


Looking for Project Participants

Photographer’s Project Block!!!

Is there such a thing? Where you get stumped on what to photograph?

Well…I am going through such a period with one of my projects, but I have am so determined to finish what I started.

Perhaps, just roll with whatever ideas I have until I finish my project.

At the moment, I am after 10 males and 10 females ( I don’t know why) to sit model for me, as the number just seems fitting for this project. Maybe or not, I may have edit it down to the best images.

So far I have at least four people who are willing to be photographed with the end result(s) to be exhibited and/or published into a zine. I suppose that is a start and should be glad.

So, if you are reading this, are in London and want to help me out by taking part, email me for more details here:


There is a FREE print in it for you.

Well….wish me luck and keep it hear for future results of said project once completed.

Documentary Project on Display

I am so glad to see my documentary project on display in the Faculty Hub at University.

I took this shot through a glass panel showing my images on display in one of the rooms where lecturers/tutors hold one-on-one tutorials with students.

I am not sure how long they will be up for, but I am happy to see my work printed and displayed in a ‘public’ space.

Project: Ngara ’97 (renamed to ‘Abstracts’)


Client Feedback

I have just added a new widget for client feed back on the left-hand side menu.

This is something new I am trying as I get to send people I have worked for a feedback form just to see if I am on the right path.

Photography is not easy as most people just get to see the finished product. It’s what happens behind the scenes that gets forgotten as people don’t get to see the amount of work and dedication that goes to produce that one image.

Well, if my reviewers read this, thank you for your feedback and I hope I get to work with you again. Please don’t forget to refer your family and friends.

Happy Saturday y’all!