Full Moon Friday

Last week on Friday, as I made my way home from Uni, I saw the moon and I was enamoured.

I just couldn’t wait to get home and try and capture it in its full glory (pun intended).

After looking and failing to find my tripod release plate (pretty useless without it), I just made due with the window sill, using a very unstable joby tripod, my very heavy 7D with 70-300mm lens at the end of it and an intervalometer I just acquired. Did I mention that it was cold and windy?

Well…after struggling to balance the equipment, I got my final shot. It’s not brilliant, but I am pretty pleased with myself.

Full Moon Friday

Canon 7D with Sigma APO 70-300mm F4-5.6 DG MACRO lens.
Exposure: 1/4 at f/5.6 (ISO 100) Focal length: 300mm
Post production: Lightroom 4 (from RAW)

The fast moving clouds gives it some oohhmmff! Don’t you think?

All in Good Time

If there is anything I am learning as I study photography, it needs patience and with time, you know your work will be recognised.

Case in point:

This a tweet I made in September 2013:

Lupita Tweet

Then I spot this double page spread in the Evening Standard (the very same paper from the tweet above) dated 17th Jan 2014.


I rest my case as I continue working hard.

I am a freelance, ‪#‎NotAnIdiot

As far as my first post for 2014 goes, I think this video sums up all that I have gone through so far as an amateur freelancer.

And as I continue to grow as a photographer, I am sure this will continue, but I will still continue on with the struggle get that paycheck through my hard work.

I am a freelance, ‪#‎NotAnIdiot